Web Application

Our in-house team of expert web developers produce web applications that have advised organisations bringing their products and services or placed their organisations’ processes, helping them save money and grow.

We create testing prototypes and
powerful business web applications

When a client hits to us with problems to solve, we will build business-critical, web-facing applications, or we will bind the business systems together that drive competency and make business or non-profits more lively.

Web applications can be simple as a bespoke to an external data source, it can be a fully mobile Progressive Web App (PWA) that looks and operate like a native mobile app.

Our approach to web application
design and development

Software and application development can be a complicated task. Various technologies often need to be work together and seamlessly across an increasing number of different devices.

At Tap A Tag Multisolutions, we have an agile surround to deliver web apps. We do the heavy lifting from the beginning, helping defining the requirements and build the specification. We will work closely with you to provide a minimum viable product (MVP) that allows you to test the basic application before engaging in full design and development phase.Once launched, a progressive enhancement move in to development will not only keep the application well preserved but will also keep it relevant and aligned with the business requirements and objectives

Our Web Application Development Benefits


Cost Effective Development


Cross-Platform Capabilities


Prototyping & UXD


Highly Secure


Simple, Customisable & Scalable


Mature Processes