Custom Website
Application Design &

An adequate custom web development aims to bring you and your business with a opportunity to make your potentiality felt in the digital realm of professions. With custom web development solutions, you can build a website that would completely reflect your design expectations and functionality to give an unmatched user experience to your visitors.

Tap A Tag Multisolutions is a well-renowned custom website design agency that has successfully completed several custom web solutions projects and has delivered top quality results.

Benefits of Custom
Website Development Services

With every business and company moving up the card in the digital world, custom website development delivers you to the level that you have always wanted to and do business. However, that’s not the only advantage that you get to bring in. Here are some advantages of our custom web application development services:

You get a design tailored exclusively according to your requirements.

Your design hope meet expert skills to result in a mind blowing and well-developed application/website for your business.

You get your own CMS developed for managing and maintaining the content of your website.

You get your new website made from scratch, null of any copied design.

Our engineers have extensive experience
in developing scalable, robust, secure
web applications of any type and complexity:

Progressive Web Apps

The best thing about Progressive Web Apps is they backing all browsers and sprint on any device, and hence it augments the core abilities of web today while going for more progressive and inventive approach


Cross-Platform Apps

Developing one app that runs on multiple platforms allows reducing development costs. On the other hand the look and feel of application remains uniform across different platforms



A single-page application is an app that doesn’t need to reload the page during its use and works within a browser. The main advantage of single-page applications is its speed.


Web Portals

The key web portal features provide the unified, secure, and personalised information hub that businesses need. Well-designed enterprise portals gives consistently high ROI because they solve the challenges that almost all business face.


ERP Systems

ERP software pulls data from many departments into a single source that provide benefits the entire business. The tools combine key metrics and detailed information from finance, human resources, operations, supply chains, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and technology.


CRM Systems

CRM - Best way to manage your sales, projects, team, clients & marketing on one platform. Powerful, affordable & easy to use software for your business and improve your team's productivity.